A Gutsy Chick!

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29 September, 2013

Nurse Francis Trujillo said in the Taos News last week “when they were in the black ( hospital administrators) they feathered their nest. And now they take from the staff.” Standing up to bullies wearing a suit and tie—when your living depends on it, makes you one gutsy chick!

The reason that business has been off at HCH is not because we are getting healthier or less numerous, it is that we get our sick asses to Abq— or even Espanola! The staff that works there is fine but if corporate America is calling the shots our (patients’) nest is not feathered but fouled..

We hear from everyone concerning the hospital but John Q patient himself—I be such a person and was in there last year for two days. I lost count but had at least 4 doctors—not specialists or “traveling surgeons” but regular Doctors on shift. They were instant experts with a glance at my chart and my prognosis rotated every 12 hours with each shift change. And, as I acquired a new doc, I would inherit a new illness and corresponding pill.

One cure (pill) counteracted a pill that the one before gave me and it about killed me. Later on one of these Drs apologized for giving this weird pill to me. (I was seeing stars, skulls and crossbones and doctors everywhere so can’t be sure which one it was but thinking #3 …? whoever you are—thanks for coming out.) When I saw my actual Doctor a week later in his office across the street, we wanted to find out what the pill was that almost terminated me and it was absent from the record.

Apparently they have a lawyer on staff who does “doctoring” too! No wonder we patients are getting dead or sicker from going there when priorities are clearly not about our health.

Then this gang—sorry, “board”– that meets behind closed doors connives shameless scams upon the people and town for mo’ money, threatening the Taos public from every angle they can think of—scams probably hatched by some corporate suit–thug in Orlando needing a new horn for his jet ski. Now they are going after the employees. Maybe they should do what other businesses do when they are in a slump. Cut the crap and do a better job!

Taylor Streit

Editor’s Note: Quorum Health Resources manages Holy Cross Hospital. Here are their headquarters.

105 Continental Place
Brentwood, TN 37027

Taos Health Systems, d/b/a Holy Cross Hospital, IRS 990 forms are available to the public at guidestar.org. Shows you where not the medicine but the money goes down. 

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