Welcome to the Police State—Rome Redux—The American Oligarchs

By: Bill Whaley
15 August, 2013

Ah the “the glory that was Greece, the grandeur that was Rome”? Having crossed the Rubicon, our Caesar, casts aside democracy and wears the laurel leafs of empire. Orwellian “hope and change” have turned into “more wealth and power” for the elite and their supplicants.

Although corrupt practices have been at the root of American fortunes, for bot the powerful and the wealthy, not since the end of the 19th Century have so many blatantly, broadly, deeply dug down for the citizen’s last dime as today’s Obama-led careerists and their minders.

Never have so few owed so much to the many who feed their fortunes with small change at registers in the Walmart or at the gas pumps and convenience stores, where they—the parasites–suck the last pennies out of the populace for the purpose of private defense and intelligence contracts, worth billions.

Obama, you devil, you: how you tricked us!

The persecution of Bradley Manning, tortured confession, biased court-proceedings, fear of public viewing, resembles nothing so much as the famed Stalinist show trials of Soviet dissidents. The constitutional lawyer, President of the United States, has lost all credibility in the country and the world. He’s merely the latest Fox is in the henhouse.

How could we not cheer for Edward Snowed, the chief ironist, who sought asylum with America’s chess partner in Moscow?

American attorneys drew up the Nuremberg Principles, in light of Nazi atrocities after WWII from the “greatest generation.” Principle IV states: “The fact that a person acted pursuant to order of his Government or of a superior does not relieve him from responsibility under international law, provided a moral choice was in fact possible to him”. I believe Manning should be pardoned for he has shown that the U.S. Military and the Obama Administration are behaving like state-sponsored terrorists: torture, indefinite detention, drones aimed, willy-nilly, at innocents.

Now that rich people have hijacked American democracy, Republican and Democratic Party leaders, and private contractors in the military-industrial and intelligence industry, we citizens continue to pay the profiteers to spy on us. We protest to no avail. Just as schism and war sweeps across the Mid East, so civil war will come home to America when we write a new Declaration of Independence and substitute President So and So for King George.

As Chris Hedges notes, “Victor Hugo described this war with the poor in Les Misérables as one between the “egoists” and the “outcasts.” The egoists, Hugo wrote, had “the bemusement of prosperity, which blunts the sense, the fear of suffering which is some cases goes so far as to hate all sufferers, and unshakable complacency, the ego so inflated that is stifles the soul.” The outcasts, whose persecution and deprivation was ignored until it morphed into violence, had “greed and envy, resentment at the happiness of others, the turmoil of the human element in search of personal fulfillment, hearts filled with fog, misery, needs, and fatalism, and simple, impure ignorance.”—(Truthdig.com. 8.14.13)

We are beset by ignorance and egoists at the highest levels and can expect the forces of turmoil and deprivation to set off bestial appetites at the lowest. Beware my friends.

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