DVD Review – “Pirate Radio” (The Boat That Rocked) 2009 R 117 minutes

By: Johnny
16 April, 2010

When Rock ‘n Roll was the exception instead of the rule in the US but legal nonetheless, it was banned in the UK so enterprising DJs from the US anchored a ship off the coast of the UK and played the anarchist music of rock bands 24/7 with impunity since they were in international waters.  The UK Prime Minister worked incessantly to stop this.  Ultimately, Rock and Roll music prevailed of course but now we have a movie out on DVD about the pioneers in this transition, “Pirate Radio,”  Directed by Richard Curtis.  Philip Seymour does a great job as the cult type leader of the “radio station.”  It’s funny, entertaining and a poignant commentary on culture, change and politics… somewhat reminiscent of Taos today.  The DVD also offers the opportunity to see some of the deleted scenes which the director admits contain some of the best acting but are ancillary to the story.  One of the best is called “The Meaning of Life.”  It’s a 2009 release and well worth a rental, plus the music is cool. By: Gary Ferguson


Philip Seymour Hoffman, Bill Nighy, Rhys Ifans, Nick Frost, Kenneth Branagh, Tom Sturridge, Rhys Darby, Talulah Riley, January Jones, Emma Thompson, Gemma Arterton, Tom Wisdom, Jack Davenport


Richard Curtis


Comedy, Best of British Humor, Political Comedies, Showbiz Comedies, Rock & Roll Oldies, United Kingdom, Universal Studios Home Entertainment, Blu-ray

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