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16 January, 2013

Presenting the music of Joanne Forman
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…and they began to dance…


Magical moments, alas, are usually few and far between. But they do happen!

It was a lovely summer Saturday in front of the Taos Town Hall, where the colorful farmers’ market was in full swing. At the microphone was bass-baritone Chris Wyndham, singing my song “Land of Enchantment.” Before him were three small children, surely not more than four years old, two boys and a girl.

And they began to dance. And they danced and danced, as long as the song went on—and it’s one of my longer songs.

Gratified? You bet! And one of the very few times in my life I wish I’d had a camera. It only dawned on me much later that I could have asked to use someone’s cellphone. I’m hopelessly out of it so far as technology is concerned.

Australia-born New Zealand-reared Christopher Wyndham (who, as I like to put it) practices cardiology in his spare time, is so versatile: sings opera, oratorio, Broadway, and is also a mellifluous folksinger, accompanying himself on the guitar. (His Book includes well over a hundred songs.) He can be found on Saturday mornings at Taos Java, where patrons sometimes join in. He’s sung my songs at The Old Winery in Dixon as well as at several private concerts in the Taos area—more than ten times! Chris also appeared in my Holocaust opera, THE SWEATER, and my 9/11 Cantata, VOICES.

Working with Chris is harmonica player Cass Adams, who started playing his undeservedly under appreciated instrument when he was 18. He and Chris met via the Taos Community Chorus, and have developed a unique and compelling sound. Cass also appears at the Taos Inn and in venues in Santa Fe.

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