Taos: Jungian Politics: Winners Whine

By: Bill Whaley
18 October, 2012

National Politics

Given the KCEC Broadband grant/loan of $64 million from the Obama Administration, we hope contractors, trustees, and beneficiaries will all remember to vote for the President Obama. Remember who brought you to the dance. He remembered Taos County, one of his top five supporters in 2008, and we all benefitted from ARRA. Whether your are a Rino or a Dino (Republican or Democrat in name only), vote for the man. This ain’t no sketchy deal, is it?

Local Updates

KCEC has filed a motion for a limited re-hearing at the PRC regarding yesterday’s complete victory over SAFE (Sane Activists For Equity). Apparently, commissioners hurt the feelings of CEO Luis Reyes when they said, “The failure of Kit Carson to promptly inform the RUS of the Commission’s Final Order, particularly the conditions imposed by. Is more than an oversight by management; rather, it demonstrates an abandonment of a fiduciary responsibility to one of its major lenders.” KCEC wants the PRC to modify that language and tweak the “final order.” The PRC has asked to hear from the intervenors in response.

Like Billy Knight, see below, Luis and company can’t leave well enough—especially when they lose face in the press. DINO Billy Knight has apparently switched sides and abandoned his progressive principles in favor of the 1%. Shifting alliances or self-interest rightly understood might explain the change in principles but Knight’s personal attacks seem excessive and betray deep psychological strains.

Knight’s Early Caveat

Northern New Mexico Politics
Voter Ethics and Winds of Change
Part 1 in a Series
April 15, 2006)

By Billy Knight

“New Mexico has long been considered a state where politics is a game still dominated by an “old boy club,” where the rules of the game are simple—there are none. The game isn’t unique to New Mexico; it’s played all over the country. Wherever ambition and fear of defeat reign, you’ll find “old boys” in smoke-filled rooms playing their hands. 

The game’s been played all sorts of ways: there’s the old “dead-man-voting” move, the famous “pay-per-ballot” play (we saw that one in Española recently), the tried and true “intimidate and discriminate” (a la Ohio in 2004).

“Then there’s the oldie-but-goodie, suddenly appearing, previously missing ballot boxes (Washington State governor’s race, 2004). Oh, I almost forgot: the inexplicable “sorry you can’t vote here” and the super-slick “purged you from the polls,” also known as “sorry, you’re not on the list.” These are just some of the classic, time-tested strategies “old boys’ clubs” have employed at the polls to silence the opposition. 
The players may change, but the game stays the same. “

The Dark Side

From: William Knight ‪‬‬
Date: Tue, Oct 16, 2012 at 3:08 PM
Subject: Citizens and youth win on PRC/KCEC decision
To: William Knight

Thank you to everyone who called and emailed the PRC commissioners. I attended the meeting in Santa Fe today and the youth, citizens and voters of Taos county prevailed.

There seemed to be almost 300 citizens in attendance (was really impressed with the busload of students) and my prepared remarks were never heard (darn) as the PRC was completely overwhelmed by the turnout. Gene Sanchez, Arsenio Cordova, Link Summers, Jerome Lucero Linda Bence and the handful of supporters they mustered up…. all looked like they were thrown under the bus…literally. Linda spoke on behalf of the “dark side” and proved her inability at truth telling. Chicken-dung Andrew Chavez (Voldemort) and his lackey Peter Adang (Lord Malfoy) didn’t even show. Hooray for democracy at work. Tomorrow’s hearing in Taos – Cancelled!!! The PRC tossed the “intervenors” a bone to quell their thirst for Luis Reyes blood. So ends another tale of a small minority attempting to hurt the masses to punish a leader…tea party?

Ps. rumor has it that Link Summers is planning to run for KCEC board next time around. I think he is a pretty smart guy and hopefully this lesson in humility will sink in and he will choose his associations more carefully. So far, I’m not convinced. Oh and whoever passed my email on to slim-shady Whaley should do so again so I get additional recognition from followers of the dark side or the 10 people who read his rag-blog.


(EDITOR’S NOTE: Shady I may be but slim I’m not.)

Happier Times

(FROM Horse Fly online)
Knight Wins Exit Polls
Progressives Celebrate
What it means…March 18, 2005)

By Bill Whaley

“With 19 of 35 precincts reporting at 9:30 pm, Thursday March 17, unofficial exit polls showed Billy Knight picking up 70 of 106 votes necessary to win the chair of the Democratic Party of Taos County. According to preliminary vote counts, runners-up Frank R. “Skitt” Trujillo had about 5 delegates and Frank Gusdorf, 1. The well-organized Knight campaign swept all the major precincts, including Arroyo Hondo, El Prado, Town of Taos 15 and 16, North Las Cordovas, Ranchos, Arroyo Seco, Canon, Taos Pueblo, and a few of the smaller precincts. Still to come at 9:30 pm were reports from 14 precincts in the outlying areas. 

In Ranchitos, Trujillo’s home precinct, the one-time party chair only won two of three votes. Reports of voting irregularities in Ranchitos will be forwarded to the county credentials committee. Trujillo and his band of provisional voters managed to take over the meeting but were unfamiliar with Democratic Party rules, according to Knight representatives.”

Billy’s Emerging Shadow

In contrast to Billy, Chuby Tafoya, the man who wrested control of said party from the DINO (Democrat in name only) during the infamous “We had to cheat to win” contest—orchestrated by Fernando Miera (RIP)—is, allegedly, a one-time gang-banger and Springer Boy’s home resident. He has emerged from the dark side of Taos to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather, legendary politico James Duran and grand uncle, former Mayor Bobby Duran, as President of TMS. (Hey, Golden Boy John Ramming got his “second” start at Springer, too.) Anyway, Chuby is trying to embrace the lighter side–looking for the sun–i.e. respectability—despite the occasional lapse i.e. local politics.

But, apparently, Billy Knight, the former Green party member, a progressive, member of DAG, and one-term chair of the Taos County Democratic Party, is investigating his Jungian Shadow.

(Seismic Shift in Local Politics
Chuby’s Corner, Commentary
Horse Fly online, March 25, 2007)

By Bill Whaley

On Saturday, March 24, 2007, Thomas “Chuby” Tafoya was elected chair of the Democratic Party of Taos County, and Katherine “Kat” Duran, a young vibrant schoolteacher, was elected Vice-Chair. In effect, the Young Democrats became the leaders of the old Democrats. (Tommy Tafoya senior from the Tuesday night, March 20, was seen taking pictures like any proud parent.) On Saturday, Chuby’s supporters behaved more like Republicans than Democrats: they were well-disciplined, voted as a bloc, and supported parliamentary motions and candidates on cue from Fernando Miera, the chief coordinator of Chuby’s forces.

The once and former chair, Billy Knight, made a brave appearance, considering the number of times in recent weeks he has shot himself in the foot or pinned his tongue to the barn door with unfortunate statements. While thanking his supporters, the once and former chair burned the barn when he told his enemies from the dais, “Come mierda” (eat shit)–editor’s bold-. Politics is not always good for one’s mental or emotional stability but give Billy credit for showing up, taking the heat, and going out in a blaze of manure.

By the way, according to reports, Mayor Bobby Duran did not support Billy because Billy supported Gene Sanchez for mayor.

Strange Bedfellows

Both Chuby and Billy support the Broadband efforts of KCEC, as do the critics, who only differ from the flacks in terms of the financing arrangements. At this week’s PRC meeting, Chuby showed up, kids in tow to testify. Billy sat quietly by and was not permitted to speak. Then, like some shadow character out of Jungian version of a Freudian sublimation, he burst forth with his tawdry email. Chuby gets construction contracts from KCEC.

Does Billy get  the profits from  the bosses at KCEC, the  1% who invest in Wall St at Knight Financial, Ltd.? We’re only asking.

Billy’s still a green but his green interests Art and Ambrose, the KCEC gold dust twins. The names change but the game stays the same, eh Billy? We know you like your name in the lights and so we feel obliged. You’re the poster boy for chameleons. Green is thy middle name.

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