Taos This and That

By: Bill Whaley
16 June, 2011

Friday afternoon controversialists might find the CRAB Hall event at 1:30 pm a source of light humor. The Taos Municipal Schools board is expected to pass the budget for the new fiscal year—sight unseen! Funny folks work over there.

During the weekend Phil Bareiss and Taos County’s Planner Rick Bellis will be preparing for their duet with decibel meters–day and date TBA. Apparently, the KTAO gang is preparing for an outdoor extravaganza aimed at annoying the art dealer—more appeals and administrative conundrums are expected.

Up in Questa Mayor Garcia is looking for some 2200 acre feet of water rights due to a deficit owed the state engineer—and maybe a new muni well, too. Perhaps the favorite grandson who gets paid $16 Gs a month from Questa, which checks are guaranteed by Chevron, can help the oligarchy find some water rights. Hey the way things are going, a return to fishing and hunting may be necessary. More than one family survived due to fishing on the Red lo’ some fifty years ago.

The Town of Taos has found about $2 million hidden away by the last administration in the budget, which the current council would like to use for expanding Eco Park. The Rwanda kid coup has generated beaucoup p.r. throughout the FIFA world of soccer. To qualify for more training and tourneys, the organizers say they need a turf field. (The Town has offered to show TMS how to hook up to water lines and install indoor plumbing at athletic fields.)

County insiders say the new jail complex will open for sure by the July Fiesta–just in time for the reopening of the District Courts. Apparently technical problems are bedeviling the justice system. Justice delayed is justice denied but who is counting? Throughout San Miguel, Cibola, and Santa Fe, Taosenos can be heard crying out, “Bring me home, Willie, bring me home.”

Apparently, the county is long on roadmen but short on geeks. According to news reports, the rise in jail budgets suggests commissioner may have to rethink the road department expenses. We say let the commissioners mount up; get up on those dozers and trucks like Joe Mike. Transfer the public works employees into the detention center as guards. Hey it’s an idea.

The Coop gadfly Linda Bence wrote a nice “My Turn” in this weeks snooze. Apparently, the investigative activist has “allegedly” caught the Coopsters charging clothes and doing the dirty at local casinos on the Coop credit cards. Meanwhile Bence says the trustees may be spending dough on airline tickets for themselves and their favorite companions. No doubt the Tricksters will explain away millions in losses to members at the annual meeting on Saturday morning. Those rascals.

According to a press release, (June 15, 2011), “At their Tuesday, June 14 meeting, the Taos County Commission unanimously passed a resolution to ban the sale and use of fireworks within the County. The ban takes effect immediately and is in effect for a period of 30 days, but may be extended if fire conditions due not improve.” Commissioners say the Sheriff may deputize  Jeff Northrup and send the watchdog over to Merced St. to keep an eye on the DMC patriots during the July 4 doings.

If you have a more modest budget and can’t afford to travel to far out places like your local coop trustees, check out the press releases below.

Paradise Debuts New Menu and Entertainment

(Press Release)

Video, NM – Sipapu Ski and Summer Resort’s newest outdoor patio restaurant, Paradise Riverside Bar and Grill, opened for daily operations this month, and the quaint cantina recently unveiled a new lineup of entertainment and events.

Located just 20 miles southeast of Taos, the resort restaurant is now open everyday for lunch and dinner from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Sipapu’s gift store also features a few of the restaurant staff’s favorite breakfast menu items, including fresh pastries and fruit.

Situated right on the Rio Pueblo, Paradise has been hailed as New Mexico’s best riverside dining experience. The restaurant’s lush environment and intimate outdoor seating gives this rustic restaurant a true destination feel, said Eric Laslow, Sipapu’s award-winning chef and restaurant manager.


(Press Release)

ANGEL FIRE, NM – C’mon. You’ve felt it (you know you have) – that mysterious, indefinable “feeling” permeating the atmosphere in northern New Mexico mountain areas, making the Enchanted Circle such a, well, “enchanted” place. Angel Fire and Taos in particular have long been associated with unique “energies” – for which many believe intersecting ley lines, Hartman knots, vortexes and other earth power spots are responsible.

Cultures throughout the world believe such energies promote spiritual enlightenment, healing, and personal power. Many of the most famous European cathedrals are built on earth energy spots, pyramids all over the world are aligned with the earth’s energy grid, and Native Americans kivas are erected on ground believed to emit sacred energy. In Angel Fire, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial is positioned on a site where Dr. Victor Westphall believed local earth energy lines intersect.

Dowser Dan Nichols, along with his beautiful wife and dowsing partner Cynthia, will come to Angel Fire next week to seek and map the area’s earth energy points. They will present their findings Saturday, June 25, at the Elkhorn Lodge, 3377 Mountain View Blvd (Hwy 434) in Angel Fire, NM in an event sponsored by Alliance Studying Paranormal Experiences (ASPE).

The public is invited to join the Nichols on Friday, June 24, as they criss-cross the Moreno Valley seeking the area’s key energy sites. Meet them at 10 am in the Elk Horn Lodge parking lot. “We welcome those who want to join us as we work,” said Nichols, “and we will be happy to teach them how to find and use the earth’s energy forces which surround them.”

Proceeds from the Nichols’ appearance will benefit the 2011 Paranormal Symposium and Film Festival, October 25-30 in Taos, NM. Visit www.aspefiles.org, or www.aspesymposium.com, or call 575-377-2667 for additional information.

Morphy Lake Closed

(Press Release)

MORA, NM – State Park officials announced today that Morphy Lake State Park will be closed to overnight camping beginning on Friday, June 17, 2011 until further notice. The park is located in Mora County, which is currently under stage IV fire restrictions. The lack of precipitation during the past several months as well as the dry winds the park is experiencing have greatly increased the danger for wildfire in or around the park. As a result, bordering Santa Fe National Forest has entered stage II fire restrictions as of June 10, 2011. This closure will be effective daily from 6:00 p.m. through 7:00 a.m. The park will remain open for day use from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Park staff will open and close the entrance gate accordingly.

Note to broadcast media Morphy is pronounced: Murphy.

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