Astrologess Weekly Update April 25-May 1

By: Johnny
25 April, 2011

Astrologess Weekly Update Apr 25 – May 1,

By Catherine Kenward

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Over the last two months, a series of planets in Aries have been triggering a potent t-square. This week Venus moves into the hot seat putting the focus on the victims of this spring’s spate of disasters and people count the personal cost of recent events. By mid week there’s a palpable feeling of sadness on the air waves. Do what you can to alleviate the pain. Reach out a helping hand to a friend in need.
By mid month there’ll be a big shift into the sign of Taurus and things will finally begin to calm down.
Monday 04/25 – The mood is quiet and focused on taking care of business this morning (Moon trine Saturn at 11:45 AM).
After lunch people perk up and become quite talkative and outgoing (Moon sextile Mercury at 1:27 PM). A certain idea strikes our fancy and gets the wheels rolling, energizing us both mentally and physically. It turns into a late night as inspiration won’t let us get to sleep until after midnight (Moon sextile Mars at 12:13 AM).

Tuesday 04/26 – We wake up feeling good as the Aquarius Moon sextiles Jupiter (5:28 AM). The world looks bright and beautiful today and a cheerful, optimistic mood prevails. The Moon enters Pisces at 10:57 PM.

Things get dreamy and distracted after the sun sets. Plan a quiet evening at home. People are relaxed but unmotivated as the Moon moves into a conjunction with Neptune (12:05 AM). Seed your unconscious with prayer and positive imagery before you go to sleep tonight.

Wednesday 04/27 – The mood shifted overnight and today we’re dealing with some very emotional and possibly self-destructive energies. Venus square Pluto (1:20 AM) dredges up old wounds and patterns, especially those involving feelings of grief, abandonment and betrayal.
Sun trine Pluto (6:58 PM) lends a certain strength and purpose, helping us deal with the dangerous undertow of out-of-control emotionality.

Thursday 04/28 – There are no major aspects today.

Friday 04/29 – The Moon moves into Aries at 11:33 AM.
This afternoon there’s a stampede for the door as people are eager to call it a week and head for home. Like tinder ready to ignite, there’s a very temperamental edge as the Moon conjuncts Uranus (4:59 PM). Rush hour traffic is more crazy than usual, with many fender-benders and road rage escalating out of relatively minor incidents. Try and get home early and avoid the rush.

Saturday 04/30 – This weekend is an odd combination of seemingly contradictory energies. First we’re way down and then we’re way up.
Venus opposition Saturn (6:16 PM) is related to Wednesday’s Venus/Pluto square. There’s a palpable feeling of sadness on the air waves. Venus/Pluto/Saturn puts the emotional focus on the victims of recent catastrophes. It’s easy to feel victimized now but a little perspective may make your personal woes dwindle in comparison. A “poor me” attitude is often used to justify bad behavior and treating others harshly.
On the other hand, Mars conjunct Jupiter (10:26 PM) is an aspect of abundant energy and enthusiasm. Mars/Jupiter is a bit of a risk-taker and a dare-devil but, needless to say, long-shot gambles don’t turn out well now.

Sunday 04/31 – It’s May Day and things are looking up. The emphasis is on yesterday’s Mars/Jupiter conjunction so the weekend isn’t a total bust after all. There’s almost a feeling of euphoria this morning as the Moon conjuncts Jupiter (8:51 AM). This seems a little manic after yesterday’s depression but it certainly is a big relief. There’s huge energy today so get busy, get out and enjoy an active morning. (The Moon conjuncts Mars at 9:20 AM).
The Moon enters Taurus at 11:58 PM.

*All times are MDT (Mountain Daylight Time). For EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) add two hours. All aspects in bold are major influences that are in effect for several days. The Moon’s daily aspects are rapidly shifting influences that are in effect for only a few hours.

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