Ruling Class Crime Families To Merge

By: Bill Whaley
3 October, 2018

El Caudillo y his Hito

El Caudillo, “The Donald,” needs Justice Kavanaugh for his “get out of jail free card.”

The New York State Attorney General and Special Counsel are closing in on the gangster’s tax returns and his status as Putin’s fellow traveler who betrayed America.

El Caudillo Promotes Kavanaugh or Else! 

But Kavanaugh cried in his beer and implied you can’t get drunk on Bud. Everybody knows that.

Kavanaugh Women Angry


Still the Kavanaugh women are worried about their hito, and all the mean things Hilary and Bill said about Ken Starr’s dirty minded deputy who wanted to ask Bill if he used a cigar with Monica.



Here we see the pics of both families as they gathered long ago to conspire and rule: Kavanaughs on left, Trumps below on right.






The unhealthy relationship between Donald, see Ivanka pucker and whisper to Dad below, says volumes about the “pussy grabber” and his child bride.


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