Tabloid Hysteria: Uncivil Behavior Abroad and at Home

By: Bill Whaley
22 August, 2018

Amalia Cover-up

  “I am the grass.
  Let me work.” Carl Sandburg

“Pray for Us!” (Pope Francis)

The Cover Up Uncovered: Taos County


Between the screaming headlines, “Judge Releases Amalia Five” and calls by the Red River Sheriff to keep the “Muslims” and “Extremists” jailed; and while the DA “appeals” to “somebody” including the NM Attorney General to help; while the local and state news has exemplified both solid reporting and muddled editorials; and while TCSO demonstrated “physical courage” but rather superficial investigative” techniques in the Amalia Bust, the citizen can only mark the fiasco off to “aqui en Taos.”

According to the Taos News, a “stop order” was issued Aug. 7 for the Amalia property where the compound was located, bearing the signature of a Taos County building official.” Further, according to news reports, in what can only be considered the ultimate admission of defeat, the property, an infamous crime scene, has been “bulldozed” to cover up the flawed investigation or unregulated building site? What Building Permit? What Certificate of Occupancy? And don’t forget the property owner notified a Taos County judge and state law enforcement of the irregular Amalia 5 and their 11 or 12 kids weeks prior to the bust. Even the FBI was watching.

Because the DA and TCSO presented so little in the way of facts at a bail hearing but much prejudicial hearsay to the court, no medical evidence of “child abuse” or eye-witness testimony about potential “shooters,” a local Judge ruled that defendants could be released on bail re: child abuse charges. Despite the screaming headlines and death threats, unleashed by irresponsible media and unsubstantiated law enforcement claims, the alleged Amalia Five remain in jail today.

As a friend of mine pointed out, white guys with guns going to church and schools and casinos are doing 99% of the killing in domestic America. Now the Judge, a law-abiding citizen, who followed her constitutional duty, is in hiding from those who do not abide by the law. Shame on Taos County, TCSO, and the District Attorney’s Office for misrepresenting the messenger and blaming the judge when they didn’t do their job! Shame on the hysterical media.

Mueller Uncovers the Trump Gang

Yesterday, President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager was convicted of 8 felonies associated with a variety of financial crimes tied to his work in Russia. Similarly, Trump’s former attorney and fixer, Michael Cohen, pled guilty to financial crimes and campaign law violations. Trump’s current attorney and deconstructionist, Rudolph Giuliani, a former mayor and federal prosecutor claims, on behalf of his client that “Truth isn’t truth.”

As if they might have studied under Derrida or Paul de Man but forgot the requirement to read the text, so the Trump team works at destroying the widely accepted notion of “facts” in order to escape the noose Special Counsel Robert Mueller is drawing round the president’s neck. Two of Trump’s first and most emphatic Republican supporters in the House of Representatives are also subject to criminal probes in their home states. Perhaps Trump’s repeated visits to New Jersey, home of Tony Soprano, exposed him to his figurative model of behavior.

Meanwhile Mueller works quietly behind the scenes, like the “Grass.”

Pray for Us!


According to his letter about the abuse of the “little ones,” Pope Francis described, due to a world-wide breath-taking scandal, a Church that sounds more criminal than civil, which served as a “procurer” for priests more interested in satisfying their profane pleasure than ministering to the sacred spirit during decades (if not centuries) of existence (news reports say 300 priests abused 1000 children in Pennsylvania alone). It is difficult for Catholics of all stripes to admit they have been conned by what turns out to be an organization with roots more Sicilian than Vatican…despite Martin Luther’s warning (95 theses at Wittenberg) in 1517.

Now the Pope has called on “the entire holy faithful People of God to a penitential exercise of prayer and fasting,” saying, “… This can awaken our conscience and arouse our solidarity and commitment to a culture of care that says, ‘never again’ to every form of abuse.” Further he says, say “‘no’ to abuse…an emphatic ‘no’ to all sorts of clericalism.” Many of us like this Pope but he wants the “flock” to pray and join in self-flagellation on behalf of a corrupt hierarchy. Say what?

Here in New Mexico, just as we have been targeted as a national sacrifice zone for the nuclear industry, radiation, pollution, cancer by our own representatives and the government, so the Catholic Church has targeted northern New Mexico by covering up the sins and lusts of priests aka unredeemed child abusers exiled to El Norte.

Pray for Us! To hell with the clerics.

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