Trumpism and Bad Neighbors in Taos

By: Bill Whaley
15 July, 2018

“Have you no sense of Common Decency?”

Today in America, the “Donald,” forges an unholy alliance among the spiritual descendants of McCarthyism via the guidance of his erstwhile attorney Roy Cohn (restless in the grave), seen this week in the retrograde “House on UnAmerican Activities” holding hearings on the Department of Justice and FBI” i.e. similarly to the way the McCarthyites attacked the U.S. Army in the fifties. For they who would make common cause with the American enemy and totalitarian Russian Putin are also making war on the principles put forth by the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, and the Gettysburg Address.

As Lincoln said, “Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure.” The DOJ and FBI indictment of 12 Russians and so-called Americans to be named later, confirms the allegations of traitorous Trumpian behavior during the 2016 presidential election. Don’t forget how the “liberal” media ignored Bernie in favor of Trump.

For Trump and his supporters, the ends not only justify the means, per Karl Marx, but the President has replaced the Sermon on the Mount and the First Amendment, the word of God and free speech with the Tweet. The “right to lifers” who also believe in the death penalty interpret the message of the Gospels by doing unto others “hateful things.” For as anyone can see, Trumpians traffick in children and innocents, who seek asylum from the violent Philistines in their own county. “Mercy” and “Love” are the messages from the Gospels but not for Trump supporters.

All of the above aim at political gain and private profits for Trump industries. Fanatics who would outlaw a woman’s right to choose and usher her into slavery or turn college students into indentured servants, have joined the extremists in a common cause of taking aim at Brown, Black, and Dissenters and repressing the universal rights of Human Beings, while turning Americans against each other.

For the owners of Capital would create a “civil war,” carried out in cultural terms, as one can see from reading the headlines, listening to sound bytes, and watching images on television as factions line up behind their favorite pundits whether on FOX, CNN, MSNBC. The smug liberals and the vitriolic conservatives remind one of the priest-ridden religious wars during the 16th and 17th Century, who ultimately forgot why they began fighting.

Neither Clintonites nor Bushites, nor Obamanos are innocent of their own contributions to locking up dark-skinned Americans, torture, assassination, and, ultimately providing a solid foundation for the rise of autocrats on Wall Street as duly noted by the disparity in wealth, income, and the destruction of the middle and working classes (despite the “temporary bump in the economy” because of tax cuts for the wealthy).

Nobody exists alone or without connections to place, people, nature, cosmos and the social imperative: you cannot have social justice without economic justice. The ancient virtues of courage, prudence, justice and wisdom, like the Christian values associated with faith, hope, and charity have been commodified and transmogrified by the check-book and Corporatism in terms of “inverted totalitarianism.” Today the wealthy trope on Robin Hood i.e. “tax the poor, and keep it.”

And just because many of my readers live aqui en Taos does not mean we are immune to the conspiracy of local elites who would conspire to deprive us of transparent government at the Town or fair and honest business dealings at the Coop. Below I post the pernicious aims of the Town of Taos and provide the “deleted sentence” in the KCEC bylaws.

The Town:

The Coop: first the Trustees and CEO accepted term limits, and for several years as attested to by prior printings of the by-laws, reproduced below, then they just reprinted the by-laws and deleted the offending sentence in a Coup de Grace aimed at members.

Underscored and underlined below, the deleted bylaw says:

“Effective at the District Meetings and Elections, scheduled to be held in 2012, no Trustee elected at such meetings, shall serve more than two terms of four (4) years each.”


Sin Verguenza

The Pirates at KCEC, “Traveling” Trustees, CEO, and Attorneys ignored the By-laws amendment process by “Fiat” the way Trump by fiat, is deregulating rules governing clean air, water, prohibitions against “kidnapping children” etc. and simply used the “whiteout.”

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