BYĆ at Bareiss: Graffiti Tag and Touch Artist Recyles

By: Bill Whaley
16 May, 2018


Internationalist Sales Benefit CAV

Geometricalist Met Graffiti-ist at Art Fair Miami

O’Connor and BYĆ, Taos et Lausanne

So the Swiss disappears behind the image with Stencil and Spray, political allusions and allusions to justice, reeking of Mickey Mouse and Heinz, promoting a different view of Le Carboard, the next best low-income home.

BYC at Bareiss. May.18.18 (Communication gobelet (diptyque)_preview)

BYĆ  hovers over the multi-million dollar art world, and upstages old Masters and the high-priced status sale at Sotheby’s or Christie’s with a “free viewing” : coming to a wall near you…The Super Simple promotes a Super Savings of energy and time by recycling; the notorious and frugal Swiss, where spies and safe deposit boxes live among fugitive revolutionaries (Lenin), carves up explosive ideas in graphic language: the antidote to Davos.

For BYĆ dives into democratic compulsion and leaves you laughing, crying, and ready to respond to Le Provocateur…le bureau de tabac de Bareiss…

Nietzsche, too, lived in a Swiss Village (like James Baldwin) and said: “Truth is a mobile army of metaphors”..see BYĆ at Bareiss above on May 18, 4-7.


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