Genocide in Palestine, Apodaca in NM, Drought in Taos, Politics

By: Bill Whaley
15 May, 2018

Nakba Day 2018: Palestinian Right of Return

On Tuesday Santa Fe folks are marching to save Palestinians from Jared and Ivanka’s morality play in Israel. They’re talking “Peace” while Israelis slaughter Palestinians, 67 dead, 2700 casualties, killed by snipers from afar. Lawlessness, joined at the tip between two corrupt leaders, being investigated by respective police in two virtual police states…Nakba: Palestinian “Undefeated Despair!” (John Berger)


Candidate for Governor Jeff Apodaca has a plan: spend 5% of the 23 Billion emergency fund on New Mexico. He’s got answers. Michelle Lujan-Grisham’s got a career and the mainstream “do-nothing” demos.


Water Emergency in Taos

Yesterday, get your head around it:  the Town watered the walls and bricks for 25 minutes in an alley for no particular reason. They can’t find the plant life just as they couldn’t find the White Fir.

According to Flavio, who empties waste paper baskets at the “District” (EPWSD) and the Town of Taos, respectively, on Odd and Even numbered days, the Town of Taos is expected to issue Stage Five Water Restrictions…soon.

“The wells ain’t operating at capacity,” said Flavio. “The Howell well been out more than 15 years, and the Mitchell well is contaminated, just like the Canon West and Klauer wells. The P.O. well and the Fire Department well don’t do much.”

“Heck, they don’t do no maintenance around here. French (Public Works Director) been chasing round for years but nobody knows what. The other guy, Mitch, (Facilities and Special Events) can’t even water a tree right. Look at the park and the Plaza.” He spit on the ground. “Wells four and five are old and working overtime. Bellis better start buying bottled water to wash that mane.”

“You didn’t hear it from me but the “District” is going to charge the Town bigtime para mucho agua aqui.”

Taos Curanderas Form Political Action Committee

At a quiet back-street meeting, Friction heard a group of cross-cultural Curanderas and a few Curanderos say they are forming a political action committee to upend the local power structure in the next Town election.

“Why do they keep bringing in outsiders to tell us how to fix Taos?” they ask. “Strong at Heart and Mainstreet? Oh, puhleeze. Who are these people?”

The next generation of locals say they are tired of the Mayor outsourcing their future to itinerant professionals. “These facilitators can’t understand Vamoose,” said one. “We aren’t newcomers, either. We grew up here.”

About Councilor Nate Evans, “His days on the Council are numbered. Very disappointing.”

“The White Fir Tree died, the wells are defunct, shops are boarded up. The Town’s playing the fiddle while the streams are drying up.”

“What’s wrong with this picture,” asked another. “With all due respect, this isn’t Raton or Pie Town.”

“We have ideas…and energy.”

Meanwhile, read the article here “” about how New York City, both Republicans and Dems, gave us the Trumper…He “Roy Cohn’ed ‘em.”

But “It’s Mueller Time.”

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