Town Assault on “Green” Means White Fir Tree…Dead

By: Bill Whaley
4 May, 2018

Why Inertia is the Rule: It takes a Town to kill a tree.

Inertia or doing nothing in Taos is always better because the politicians will screw “it” up 9 times out of 10. The community has a record of enabling public works disasters through their elected officials. Local government began an assault on the Historic Plaza in the early 70s and the old girl never recovered from the first attempt nor the second remodel in the 90s. The assault continues a la mish-mash.

It’s why locals would rather Town’s Strong at Heart Program Leave well enough alone!

Now the current Barrone-Bellis administration attempt at “landscaping” could result in the final blow to the Historic Plaza.  As flagstones were replaced with brick elevations and a variety of tchotchkes installed during the decades, so current town policy makers and employees, per the itinerant professional, Bellis and the Valley Girl advisor, seem intent on destroying trees, hanging wire from anachronistic light poles et al.

Below is a distant photo of today’s barely discernible and moribund 2018 White Fir tree, gift from Taos Pueblo, seen through the maze. A documentary record follows per the “all thumbs” 2017 attack on the “Green” White Fir tree a year ago under the direction of Town Parks Director Mitch Miller, a year ago in May. But don’t believe our photos: go down to the Plaza and look…if you dare!

See White Fir on Your Left

Scorched Earth

Backhoe Attack

Deere not so Dear



Orno Says Farewell to Green Fir

Welcome to our World!

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