Town of Taos: Self-laceration

By: Bill Whaley
24 April, 2018

From time to time Taos Friction addresses the issue or theme of “place.” Why does local government insist not only on “clutter” but on interfering with the sight lines of Historic Taos? Anachronistic architectural features include cables, signs, bric-a-brac, and electrical add-ons in order to create an unsightly mess that interferes with the view and the art and the architecture. Below Taos Friction presents a photo essay that speaks for itself on the way the Town of Taos engages in abusing local culture. See the Faux Victorian lamps and lamp posts below from which fine art posters hang? More KCEC green scars on trees. Cutting off Padre Martinez’s sermon on the plinth. Course the trail of wires leaves no paving stone or alley, entrance to Plaza or Shops on Bent St. untouched.

You get what you vote for in Taos: chaos, unsightly pols, and why?

Greetings to Tourists from closed info booths.





















































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