Revealed: The Joys of Donald Trump

By: Bill Whaley
4 January, 2018

Our Future Depends On It!


Each morning I wake up wondering if yesterday’s tweet started a nuclear war or if cooler heads prevailed. Apparently, Kim Jong UN, the man on the left above, has by-passed Trump and America and is making overtures to South Korea and China. (Thanks to Neil Thielke for grabbing and sending the perfect image.)

America’s traditional allies like Japan and the members of NATO are giving Trump a pass. Soon America and the outlaw state of Israel will stand alone against the Palestinians and the World, joined by the Republican tax-cutters, a few Dictators, and the Cops who shoot black people or the abusers, who harass women of all colors.

Trump is presiding over the end of empire just as the Republicans and the tax bill are presiding over the end of progressivism or the ideals of justice and equality.

Here at home in Taos there is something slightly unnerving and almost deceitful about living in the third best place in the world at Christmastime when Mother Nature fails to deliver the snow. Fortunately, we Taosenos are used to the spiritual cycles of  “death and rebirth” since the conundrum occurs daily as if the divine spirit has withdrawn her blessings from Trump’s America and Manby’s Taos. Though Hope is our first response, and Failure is our middle name, Beauty presides over our last gestures and makes all the difference.

If you look closely you can see Icarus falling from the bridge.



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