APD Slaps Sopyn in Jail

By: Bill Whaley
6 July, 2016

Judge Sets “$200,000” Cash Bond

Danger to Community

Shortly after Judge McElroy let Mick Sopyn fly away “one more time” on June 23, despite having “violated conditions of release” several times, including getting busted in Albuquerque for DWI, the perp “violated” again on 28 June, 2016, about five days after playing the Judge for a “sucker.” His words not mine.

(See Taos Friction post below, 1 July 2016, “The Scofflaw and the Judge.)

According to APD officer Patricia Young in the criminal complaint, “Sopyn backed his truck into her [the victim’s] vehicle on June 28. The officer ran Sopyn’s information and discovered he also had a revoked driver’s license. “Sopyn stated he knew he wasn’t supposed to be driving.”

On the same day, June 28, Judge McElroy in Taos had signed a court order defining Sopyn’s “conditions of release,” which included a “Scram” device (bracelet) for alcohol monitoring and an ankle  “GPs enabled monitor.” The monitoring was assigned to Amy Romero of “MTZ Tracking,” who reported Sopyn’s protests re: the devices, according to an “affidavit of non-compliance” (again) filed with the court on June 30.

On June 30 DDA Ron Olsen filed a “motion to revoke conditions of release” in the Sopyn matter and asked for a bench warrant and immediate arrest.

(I hadn’t even filed my story in Friction prior to the perp’s violation! I’m a Pendejo, too.)

The Judge at Metro Court in Albuquerque did not share the concept of “another chance” or fall under the guidance of “Taos Custom,” i.e. “tolerance run amok.” Indeed the Judge in Metro Court set bond for Sopyn at 200,000 and said it was necessary “to protect the community,” according to court documents (against the peregrinations of the Taos Scofflaw). Indeed, when Magistrate Judge Ernie Ortega arraigned Sopyn back in July of 2014, he set bond at $900,000 and called the accused a danger to community and himself. Ortega did not play the Pendejo.

The Metro Court judge set the case for today Wednesday, July 6, 2016 at 9:30 to review conditions of release.

Apparently, and in contrast to Taos, the Albuquerque court judiciary takes “murder,” “DWI,” and “conditions of release,” seriously. Sopyn is scheduled to go to trial on DWI on July 20, 2016 in Albuquerque and in Taos on Sept. 19 for “murder 2” and “tampering,” in the shooting death of Amber Hava.

(See sordid story below on Taos Friction.)

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