Surviving Political Melodrama and Protests

By: Bill Whaley
11 March, 2018

National Vice

Karma knocks and kitsch opens the door. The smartest people I know ignore national and local politics. Whether we retreat, vote, or survive the current crisis, luck will be our best friend. Fate is chance. Our president allegedly pays off porn stars with laundered funds as he does Evangelicals with laundered lawyers at SCOTUS. The “Swamp” roils wildly as a “Den of Vice” in D.C.

Below is an excerpt from the Guardian, detailing the hypocrisy of “philanthropists” or do-gooders, who, like the Sacklers or Koch Bros or Walmartians buy off liberal culture communities by donating “wings” in an effort to acquire “halos,” in the manner of Michael Corleone, who tried in Godfather III to buy off the Church of Pederasty.

From the Guardian we learn that “The artist Nan Goldin and around 100 fellow demonstrators threw pill bottles into the moat surrounding an ancient Egyptian temple at the Metropolitan Museum in New York on Saturday, to protest sponsorship by the family that owns one of the largest makers of opioids.

“The pill bottles had been labeled by the protesters to say, “prescribed to you by the Sackler Family”. The Sackler family wholly owns Purdue Pharma, which makes the prescription painkiller OxyContin. In 1974, the family paid for the Sackler Wing at the Met, in which the 2,000-year-old Temple of Dendur stands.

“Goldin, who recently recovered from a near-fatal addiction to OxyContin, led the protest. “Shame!” she shouted. “As artists and activists we demand funding for treatment: 150 people will die today, 10 while we are standing here, from drug overdoses.”

Just as the Sacklers poison, in particular, Trump voters in the moribund coal and steel belts, so the NRA and the GOP support legislation enabling Gun Companies to furnish “domestic terrorists” with military grade weapons to i.e. AR 15s for disaffected young white serial killers. We have met the enemy, Pogo, and he’s worse than we thought.

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