The Reality Chronicles: In Search of Social Justice

By: Bill Whaley
9 November, 2017

The ideology of Capitalism promotes Social Injustice, contrary to the ideals named in either the Declaration of Independence or the U.S. Constitution, which two weapons are used by the courts to rationalize and reinterpret the notion of lawful equality as a benefit for the elite hoarders in their offshore accounts, the hoarders who own our representatives.


As social and political critic Thomas Franks says, “This week we are coming face to face with a big part of the right answer: it’s that the celebrities and business leaders we have raised up above ourselves would like to have nothing to do with us. Yes, they are grateful for the protection of our laws. Yes, they like having the police and the Marine Corps on hand to defend their property.”

Capitalism thrives on human weaknesses, enslaving by means of lust and greed. The working classes in fast food joints, middle class clerks, who dabble on computers in cubicles, the upper middle class professionals, who serve the legal, medical, engineering and other professions, as well as the creative classes, along with priests and parsons, all contribute to profits passing up the ladder from service, manufacturing, and industry to the financial elite.


When justice and freedom go on holiday, we serve a system that serves “the man.”


The United States was founded by the culture of piracy, called “patriots,” centered in Boston, where offshore shipping and transport, based on “the cotton fields” back home, the tea and tobacco trade was built on the backs of black people and their overseers. Now the money is parked overseas and the billionaires want the hoi polloi to pay taxes to maintain the infrastructure of governing.

As Charles Blow says in the NYT, “Playing to the identity politics of Trump-loving angry white men — a clear expression of white supremacist patriarchy — isn’t a panacea. It’s not even prudent. And conversely, inclusive identity politics isn’t a poison. White supremacy, and the panic induced when that supremacy is threatened, is the poison.”

The former president did not reign in the thieving financiers but kept the hoi polloi cool and delivered us to a president, who embodies the politics of division. The current president keeps Americans at each other’s throats, praises political enemies abroad, all of whom from Russia to China would join in targeting the purses of the worldwide working classes. Get their dough!


Whether you are white or black, woman or immigrant, there’s a target on your back.


The “blow job,” seems like the extant symbol of power and degenerate elitism, whether in Hollywood or in the oval office. In the fall of 1998, Americans confronted the crabs of a constitutional crisis re: a president who “didn’t have sex with that woman.” Who can forget the ironic referendum, presented in the hallowed halls of Congress, wherein “dignified” white Senators voted about impeaching a President for lying about a “blow job.”?


The American Revolution, a revolt against taxation by homegrown capitalists, transformed heroic slave owners like Washington, who got his training in the British-American genocidal wars against Native Americans, into a hero. Jefferson, the underwriter of the Declaration, personified the conflicted neo-classicist and gentlemen farmer. But he kept his own black Sally Hemmings very close indeed.

The blowjob and the casting couch conjoin as the politics of governing and Hollywood sensationalism aim at pilfering pennies from the public’s purse. The industrial art of motion pictures promotes the idolatry of white phallic power on the couch just as government promotes white power by dividing and conquering. The current “pussy grabber” in the white house, joined by the Miramax masturbator are signs of the times.

As for social justice, “In reality, though, it was never about us and our economy at all,” as Franks says. “Today it is obvious that all of this had only one rationale: to raise up a class of supermen above us. It had nothing to do with jobs or growth. Or freedom either. The only person’s freedom to be enhanced by these tax havens was the billionaire’s freedom. It was all to make his life even better, not ours.”

Right here in Taos we live with the effects of mass murder, the massacre at Taos Pueblo, the San Geronimo ruin, a monument to “Manifest Destiny” and symbol of American genocide. The civil war memorialized by the Flag on the Plaza and the cultural war memorialized by the statue of Padre Martinez remain as prophetic symbols. The Bataan Memorial is a symbol of local courage but also a symbol of imperial American empire.

The stereotypical responses of vulgar Freudians and Marxists wouldn’t be clichés if they weren’t somehow true. The elites, the American celebrities, businessmen, and the British royals, and academics, who park their dough in offshore tax havens should be jailed for the rape of the continent and the women, the enslavement of black people, and the juggernaut of capitalism coming at the rest of us. Is empire building caused by frustrated capitalists who can’t get laid by love and class war the effect?

While the sins of our forefathers are being visited on us, some women are saying “no.” Some black men are taking a knee and calling for social justice. Some voters in New Jersey and Virginia just said no to fattened politicians and divisive money-grubbers.

Somewhere we all agree that the activist and athlete Muhammad Ali was “the greatest of all time” and that Babe Ruth was second in skill to the brilliant and affable five-tooled baseball player, Willie Mays. Somewhere Mighty Casey strikes out. Somewhere the sun is shining and a double rainbow appears.


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