American Melodrama: Survivor Show in the White House

By: Bill Whaley
7 September, 2017

“Say What?” Mitch and Paul Drown Sorrow in Scotch

A Review

To escape the pain as the earth burns and drowns, we fiddle with the channel changer to catch the latest doings of the Donald, the producer of the Greatest Show on Earth. For the eyes and ears of the pundits and politicos are focused on the return of The Three Stooges, stand-ins for the three branches of government. Larry, Curly, and Moe are back.

Yesterday the Star of the Nightly and Daily Survival Show reversed course, dumped Republican teammates Mitch and Paul while embracing sworn enemies, Democrats Chuck and Nancy. The art of the deal stunned fraught loyalists and conservatives while giving hope to liberals. Breitbart News, the White Nationalist mouth organ, spanked the traitorous Trump.

As Mama Irma pounds the Caribbean Islands and the Floridians flee, Father Harvey drowns Houstonians in the muck released by the Petro-Chemico industrial plants in the South Texas swamp. Despite the punishing effects of “climate change,” rising seas and extreme weather, this heretical term alluding to global warming has been deleted from government web sites, implying that human caused global warming can be eliminated with a push button.

The heresy double downs as blasphemy: see and feel Mother Nature’s vengeful wrath for the “fake” believers.

Beneath the headlines, Trump Cabinet chiefs work quietly in the U.S. Departments of Environment, Education, Energy, HUD, D.A. and other forgotten alphabet agencies to reverse 85 years of FDR’s legacy, a legacy aimed at social justice and assuaging the hoi polloi, lest they rise up and transform capitalism into a progressive force for Christian compassion and Marxism. Antinomian Christians today preach love but behave as heretics and deny the founder, Yahweh, who preached in the scripture that the descendants of Adam and Eve were assigned to guard God’s great planet.

So Mother Nature has withdrawn her blessing from America. Who will survive end times? Get under your desk, hide in your safe room fallout shelter. If you listen, you can hear the sounds of insects buzzing, “We have survived 500 million years and shall feast on the detritus of human civilization.”

In this show, subtitled The Barbaric Conclusion of the West, the King upends believers in scientific, religious, and political realities. He turns to the songs of twitter while turning back the clock to the art of the serial cliffhanger. Will Korea’s Kim Jong Un get the missile launched in time to save his throne and Donald’s from a conspiracy of courtiers and create a war that will keep both as leaders of putative Privilege? “I can hear the train a coming.”

The Donald loves the dreamers but not the “fake” Russian thing. As he and his troops wreck havoc on the environment, education, economy, and energy sectors, a brigade of FBI and IRS agents burrow into tax returns, digital discourse, money laundering and the Putin puppet propaganda machine. “I am the mole, let me work,” says the silent Mueller.

Today the postmodern era reaps the whirlwind of leftist “deconstruction,” originally aimed at totalitarian regimes. Now the right has weaponized Derrida’s ironic “play of the signifier” and is laying waste to democracies by promoting alternative facts. The communists, thought dead, have returned as Putin’s putas and putos. “We create our own reality,” said the Bush spokesman about Iraq, while addressing another Donald’s “unknown unknowns.” Obama deceived the believers with the slogan “hope and change” for the hoi polloi just as Trump deceived the white folks in the rust belt.

FDR saved capitalism from the Bolshies. Obama saved the crooks on Wall Street from their self-destructive doings. Now we got the Donald standing between us and Mother Nature, Nuclear War, health care at home, Terrorists abroad, the rise of Nazis, and conservatives promoting the law of the jungle.

Liberals smile and wave at their adoring self-satisfaction. Hilary blames everyone for her loss but she didn’t listen to Bill.

So the Pundits spew endlessly about Donald’s latest tweet and Bernie’s kids work the social networks between concerts and trips to fast food joints. With a “Tweet” the self-sustaining Twitter dee and Twitter dum remains the King of Scalp-hunters, Counting Coup in terms of headlines. You thought Freddie died but Freddie’s back. He crushed the Republican candidates and now he’s crushing the GOP.

Art imitates life and life imitates art as the Barbaric Conclusion of the West approaches. The vicious cycle spins around and feeds on itself like a record setting hurricane. Aristotle wrote the “Poetics” of Tragedy and his treatise on comedy was lost but  Larry, Curly, and Moe found Aristotle’s lost work in a dumpster at the Trump Tower in D.C. Karl Marx said history repeats itself, “first as tragedy, then as farce.” The revolution is being televised on the TV news and in late night comedy shows. It’s the Greatest Show on Tweety Bird network.


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