Richard Trujillo, May 19, 1941—June 29, 201

By: Bill Whaley
14 August, 2017

At noon on Sunday, August 20th, friends and family will gather at 25005 Highway 64 West (near the old Blinking Light) by the Red Caboose to tell stories about Canon’s last Vato Loco, the author of the Barbarian Dialects and Tio Zuco’s Weird Tales of Crime and Humor.

Richard aka “Chumes” is survived by twin sister Virginia Oakeley, nieces Wanda and Joyce, cousin Frank Salazar, and numerous Vargas cousins. Join La Familia y Amigos in expressing love and outrage at Richard’s Memorial garden. (No guns or knives allowed.) Phone Deb at 613-3766 or Bill at 776-4115 for information.

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