Nihilists Descend on New Mexico

By: Bill Whaley
2 March, 2017

Dude. I’m talking about drawing a line in the sand, Dude. Across this line, you DO NOT… “Walter Sobchak (John Goodman, The Big Lebowski

When the media broadcasts lies, damn lies, statistics and big data along with alternative facts and squirrely claims, it’s time to confront the politicos who persist in their hypocrisy, politicos like Udall and Heinrich as well as the newly elected Hispanic Senator from Nevada, Catherine Cortez Masto.

The recent celebration at Taos Mesa Brewery led by Cheerleader Heinrich feels like a hangover pounding on the temples today. The vote for Trump’s Secretary of the Interior by the spineless duo from the Land of Enchantment, a man who would lay waste to public lands and accelerate Climate change, focuses attention on the moral and ethical bankruptcy of the liberal class aka democratic party in New Mexico and nationally.

Sure, Taosenos, you can say, “well, they’re helping us preserve the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument.”

But at what price? It’s easy to vote for paradise when paradise has no “oil and gas,” no viable resources except for the viewshed.

I grew up in the Lake Tahoe area, where every politician in California and Nevada shows up, along with Presidents like Clinton and Obama to burnish their enviro credibility and “Keep Tahoe Blue.” Sure I’m all for it.

Meanwhile, the same politicians vote to destroy the Bay, the Central Valley, the Beaches and oceanfronts, the rivers and the bottomland. They allow the Canadian gold miners in northern Nevada to fly out their booty from the airport in Elko without paying severance taxes or repairing the damage of the poisoned pit mines in the Silver state.

While Heinrich and Udall vote to sacrifice their vecinos near Sandia and Los Alamos and endanger the world by voting to support the research, testing, and construction of nuclear weapons in New Mexico, local Dems turn a blind eye to the “national sacrifice zone.”

Oh, yes, we’ve got a pair of nihilists in the U.S. Senate, who would, when you bend over, as the Big Lebowski’s Walter and Jesus might say, run it up your backside. You’re free to go gaga over your hometown “liberals” but these cabrons have made a deal with the devil the way Trump made a deal with Putin.


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