Trumpery Tweets Create Resistance

By: Bill Whaley
29 January, 2017

Unknown“The 70-year-old 7-year-old disapproved of Spicer’s erratic delivery and ill-fitting light-colored suit. The Post reported that Trump didn’t think Spicer was fiery enough as he delivered his defense of Trumpworld, a place where the high chair king’s ego takes primacy over actual facts. The new president doesn’t care about weakening democracy if his delicate ego needs to assert the easily disproved: that he would have won the popular vote if there weren’t massive voter fraud.” Maureen Dowd, NYT

Chaos comes home. As election victories by the Republican majority in Washington D.C. transform the victors’ power into governing, the electorate can see how claims of Christianity and Patriotism merely masked the paucity of principle. The billionaires and white supremacists have ousted the last remnants of apparent civility in Washington D.C.

The elitists, who masqueraded as traditional democrats, blew the election. Now you see them scrambling in the wasteland of an obsolete “progressive TV” world. For the sound of their whimpering is drowned out by the chatter of their knees knocking together. The Nancies are finished. All hail the pussycats.

Meanwhile, what could be more un-Christian and un-American than Trumpery Republicanism, which bans refugees from asylum due to policies of war, economic chaos, and religious intolerance, chaos created by the same American Empire that caused the blowback on 9/11?

Truly, government by the power elite is our enemy. The dear Lady of Liberty reminds us of our heritage:

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

Trump the gilded Tweeter, a work in progress as Plutocratic Fascist, seems mesmerized by the Putin Kleptocracy, where the Oligarchs have sacked the resources of Mother Russia from the Czars to the Commissars. Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan supporters boil in oil and gas, deriving fun and profit from the carbon-laden swamps of money and influence in DC, as Trump the traitor plays footsie with Putin.

The promise of pipelines and “Forever War” aids and abets the military industrial complex even as Silicon Valley and Hedge Funders help form the future of the gilded halls in congress. As Trump builds hotels and golf courses throughout world capitals, his chambermaids and bellboys will become the foot soldiers of the Resistance. We are everywhere and Trump will be nowhere.

For Trumpean Chaos, as Americans have discovered, has a flip side: La Resistance. America, the real American is rising and resisting as Black Lives Matter, as the Women’s March in Pink, as Americans who rally to airports to welcome this batch of refugees. Average politicians defend their towns, counties, cities and states as sacred sanctuary retreats. For the historic claims of humanity, buttressed by Greco-Roman Judeo-Christian and Mid-East and Asian traditions all welcome strangers to their tents.

Gov. Jerry Brown of California has thrown down the gauntlet and promised the Golden State will fight Trumpery in the courts and capitals from Sacramento to the City of Angels. The Golden Gate stands tall and proud like the Statue of Liberty. Similarly, the courageous Rockers up in North Dakota, five hundred strong, remain buried in snow and ice, and wait at Standing Rock and wait and wait for the Rising.

In the sixties and seventies, average Americans, decent people marched against the lies of Vietnam, against the Pentagon and for Civil Rights, against Mayor Dailey’s police riots and for peace, against the slaughter of innocents at Kent St and for good conscience. One American solider in Vietnam set his helicopter down and stopped his fellow soldiers from the continuing to murder innocents at My Lai.

Oh, yes, we are a mixed lot of lovers and haters in America but compassion, tolerance, and courage will out against Trumpean politics of fear. For Trump’s hairdresser says the small hands, ever busy, compensate for the smaller member, a lifelong obsession seen in the sublimated obsession with crowd size and the press.

Currently, like many, I am re-reading George Orwell’s 1984, a novel written, based on observations of the Soviet Union but curiously prophetic about today’s American experience. Trump’s back to the future map can be heard in speech-meister Steve Bannon’s filched phrases from Hitler’s songbook, as trump tweets in support of police state tactics.

Like you I was unprepared for fascism in America and similarly for the rise of the resistance. But as the facts fight for life against Trump’s fantasies, I believe my own eyes and ears. Let us use these godless sodomites in the words and spirit of the Big Lebowsky and give it to them in the ass. As Victor Laszlow says to Rick in “Casablanca,” welcome back to the fight, this time I know “we will win.”

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