La Resistance Rises: Pussy Power v. Tweeterism

By: Bill Whaley
21 January, 2017

I can hear the whispers become a shout: Lock up the traitors and the Trumps. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. The woman in purple below tweets Tump with double digit rejection yesterday and she’s now the leader of the pack. Unknown

With malice toward most and charity for the few billionaires and fellow travelers from the USSR, the President of the United State yesterday delivered a mean-spirited inaugural address, according to reports.

“The Tweeter reiterated his call saying “yes” to make “America great” and “First,” while saying “no” to ethics and “conflict of interest” clauses. As the acknowledged leader of White Supremacy, he says “yes” to misogyny, xenophobia, and racism even as he plugs the rise of the Old Testament gods, who zap the disobedient. The fear of Yahweh and the prospect of Moloch in the White House might give you a case of the shivers. But there’s more.

As Jesus said: “Forgive them (Evangelical Trump Cabinet nominees) for they know not what they do. “ But the devil knows whose blowing the horn:images


The heretics in power appear to be godless and dead to the principles of equality and compassion, the principles reiterated by Lincoln’s Gettysburg address and restatement of support for the Declaration of independence. The latter served as an antidote to the perverse code in the U.S. Constitution, which declared African Americans 3/5ths of a person and ignored Native Americans entirely. Today the mere whisper of “Standing Rock,” stands between the human race and global apocalypse.

Where the founders “aspired” to the principles of equality in the eyes of God and meant to provide all individuals with an opportunity to pursue life, liberty, and happiness, Trumpism aims to enrich the household gods of friends and family and, gild in gold the mighty logo of “Trump.” All hail

images-4When Trumpery cleans out the larder and converts the U.S. Treasury to private purposes, the U.S. taxpayer will be transformed…into an employee of the Putin-Trump corporate division of the world.


In their zealotry to chastise the Black President, republicans acted as “traitors” and blasphemed their oath while refusing to govern:

The blasphemers cavorted with the Iranians and tried to stymie peace negotiations.

They invited Israel’s Genocidal opponent of the Palestinians to speak at Congress.

They sold their souls to the Koch Bros.

Now they sell themselves to Trump/Putin for perverse showers of gold.

But that was yesterday. 

Today, on Jan. 21, La Resistance rises:images-1 see the distinct images of. “Pussy Power.” Oh, yes, today the Vagina Monologues answer the shrunken Tweety Dicks of old white guys nominated for cabinet positions. Like his tweets and small hands, Trump’s tiny member has been a source of deep humiliation for the “Blown Dry” President. “I’d grab it,” says his hairdresser. “If I could find it.”


The Last Word: Hasta La Vista, Baby!images-3images-2

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