Trump Tower Tweety Bird

By: Chaucer Henderson
17 December, 2016



The recent election of proto-populist Donald “the Demagogue” Trump has rocked citizens and shocked sleepy liberals. Further, Trump’s nominations for the cabinet promise to destroy 80 years of New Deal progress. But there’s hope in humor.

The outliers in North Carolina who are passing last minute legislation to hobble an incoming democratic governor indicate just what GOP leaders Senator McConnell and Representative Ryan plan to do since inspired by fantasy writer Ayan Rand. GOP Congress plans to privatize Obamacare, medicare, medicaid, social security, delete most safety nets (unemployment, minimum wages, while also lowering taxes for the wealthy) and convert what wealth is left in the middle and upper middle classes to the purses of the privileged.

Trump’s powerful dinosaurs, selected from the carbon-based industry, plan to deregulate environmental controls and permit pipes, mining, and drilling in National Parks, Wilderness Areas, and on all federal lands. The climate deniers who form the backbone of Trump’s command and control center will accelerate ice cap melt and rising seas. The list of nominees come from a who’s who proffered by the Koch Brothers, who are replacing democratic leaders with a permanent class of gangster capitalists. Putin has replaced Ronald Reagan as the new Republican God.

But there is some humor in the mix. According to inside sources, “Sixty Minutes” will feature “Tranny Bill Sue” on CBS’s famed news show this Sunday. Here’s an affectionate excerpt from a long-time Trump retainer and Tower employee.

“I taught him things,” says Tia Tranny, as the twenty-year loyalist is known affectionately by the Trump family. “Oh Donald was so retro, so twist and jump, all thumbs with his first cell phone. When he grabbed my ass with those small hands I told him what he got. He was so shocked he installed two-imagesways in Tower bathrooms. He likes to watch. But we employees watched him, too. Once I said in response to a tirade, that’s your petit peter pecker pouting. The old perve loves it when I talk dirty while I color-spray his hair each morning.”

She giggled. “Don’t you love Tweety Bird?”

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