Fascism on the March

By: Bill Whaley
22 November, 2016

Dear Reader,

Last night I watched a video of the Neo-Nazis cheering for Trump and the coming “white-man’s America.”  See Trump’s appointments to high office: Breitbart News’s Steve Bannon as Chief Counsel, extremist Mike Pompeo as CIA chief, and retrograde racist Alabamian Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. The Triad combines the advocacy of white supremacists, expanded NSA Surveillance, and the continuing degradation of voting rights and torture.

The Trump aim appears to promote the permanent institution of a “police state.” Under current terrorist policies any foreign national or American citizen can be denounced and detained without cause or a trial, given the state of the Kangaroo FISA court.

(See a fine piece written with compassion and argument from Chris Hedges on Truthdig, called “We Are All Deplorables.”)

Last night on mainstream broadcast news, a cross-section of establishment figures protested against the Trump Pics, policies, and rising racism, the strategy aimed at dividing and conquering all Americans.

With Clinton, Bush, and Obama we had increasing if “inverted totalitarianism.” Now, the weakness of the Democratic Party has given way to the Rise of RHINO Trump and fascism or the merger of “Business and Politics.” The overseers of American government are promoting a single strongman or Caudillo in the person of Mr. Trump.

The Trump camp has made no secret of its thin-skinned leader’s “enemies list.” Once installed in office, the first hundred stays could see “round-ups,” the erection of “detention camps,” increased surveillance, the shutdown of blogs and opposing voices.  In addition Trump will try to eliminate Obamacare, elevate a new Supreme Court Justice similar to Sessions, jail protesters like the Standing Rock protectors, expand torture and imprisonment of foreign detainees at Gitmo, and lower the minimum wage.

The only thing that may stop him is the extreme weather associated with Climate Change and ignored by the extreme right-wingers. Paul Ryan, House Speaker, whose politics are based on the fiction of author Ayn Rand, wants to privatize Medicare, Medicaid, and social security: risk your safety net on Wall Street bets.

The Rhinos (republicans in name only) have focused on the “Southern Strategy” or race-based “divide and conquer” tactics since the re-election of Nixon. Reagan’s “welfare” queen symbol reinforced that policy. Bill Clinton promoted “mass incarceration” of black men and men of color and also signed off on NAFTA and the repeal of Glass-Steagall, which actions have devastated the heartland and promoted inequality, not to mention the rise of Trump, who represents the merger of RHINO racism and DINO (Democrats in name only) neo-liberal economics. The polarity of identity politics and  Racism on the right has played into Trump’s hand.

Note: lobbyists are trying to persuade Trump to reverse “net neutrality,” meaning that average Americans may lose access to Internet communication. The horrifying practices of the police state experience can be studied in works of literature by writers like Milan Kundera, Vaclav Havel, and Alexander Solzhenitsyn. We may be entering a period in which the “Samizdat” or copy and distribution of literature via mimeograph, practiced in Eastern European countries under Soviet Control, may return.

Smoke Signals may come in handy.

When the men in black suits, white socks, and white Neo-Nazi armbands, enter without knocking don’t say we didn’t warn you. We have less than 60 days before Trump assumes the reigns of power in the new police state. The American government, CIA, NSA, Pentagon have been preparing by rehearsing their techniques in the Mid East Theatre of war.

Once Trump is in office and makes a deal with Putin, you’ll see Edward Snowden delivered to Jeff Sessions for prosecution. Nobody will be safe from “denunciation” by a cranky neighbor.

My so-called “conspiratorial or extreme remarks”  merely reflect what Tom Paxton might sing when he said, “I read it in the daily news.” There is nothing subtle about Trump and his advisors. The Coup d’erat of America is being taped today on television.

Protest by remaining fearless. Follow the threads of all the resistance movements. Join those with whom you have a kindred spirit. During the rise of Hitler, decent people sat on the sidelines. We must build bridges across the Blue-Red divide among all Americans. In Trump’s America, nobody will be safe from arbitrary and capricious arrest and incarceration.They can’t put all Americans in jail or at least not yet.

See the postcard movement below. 

Dear Taos Friction,

Can you put this in your post? Thank you.

A contributor

Blitz Trump with postcards!

**IMPORTANT: Please do not send your postcard until NOV 26th**
Join in and send a postcard directly to Trump! Here are the basic instructions to participate:

1. Get a picture postcard from your state.

2. In the message section, write this simple message: NOT BANNON!

3. Sign your name if you wish

4. Address it as follows:

Donald Trump
c/o The Trump Organization
725 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10022

5. Affix a stamp – you can use a 35-cent postcard stamp, or a normal letter stamp.

6. Take a picture of your postcard that you can share on social media using the hashtag


7. Drop it in the mail!

We are aiming to get these mailed between Saturday, Nov 26th and Monday, Nov. 28th to create a concentrated avalanche of postcards. But if you can’t send yours until later, don’t let that stop you.

Now invite, invite, invite: The more voices we can get in the mail, more states, the better. To make it go viral we will all need to share the details with our sphere of influence in whatever ways we feel comfortable. Feel free to copy and paste the details or even post your own event. The more the merrier!

Steve Bannon is a white supremacist, who promotes the alt-right misogynistic, homophobic, racist’s views.

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