Judge Drops Trespassing Charges

By: Bill Whaley
18 November, 2016


(With Apologies to the Sign Man’s Succinct Style!)

“Good News,” says Judge Fambro!

Sign Man to court: “I am constitutionally entitled to a fair and impartial trial; this is  impossible in this court. Therefore I respectfully decline to participate in this sham proceeding.”

The Judge noted that the charges against Jeff Northrup were dismissed with prejudice (meaning they can’t be brought again). His honor mumbled something about the “powers that be” and arresting officers, something about “no witnesses.”

The Judge asked the Sign Man to sign the bond release so he (Jeff) could get his $600 bail bond back.

Jeff refused to speak or move from his seat.

Bored, the Octogenarian, penal reform activist, and reporter adjourned to a local breakfast eatery.

Later, the Sign man said he’d left and that the Octogenarian was required to return and sign the “bail release form.” becasue El Octo bailed out the one-time trespasser back in May.

So the Teapot tempest ended with a note of grace on the part of His Honor and the same-old stubborn attitude on the part of the Sign Man. Some say the Sign Man spends too much time coddling his outer Donkey or is it inner Jack Ass? But the four-legged one and two-legged Pendejo have one thing in common: Los Cojones Grande.

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