Trick or Treat : Part I. Presidential Election

By: Bill Whaley
31 October, 2016

Trump: “Lock her up.”

“Walter: “Shut the F…up, Donny. You’re out of your element.” (The Big Lebowski)


The FBI intervened in the Presidential Election per Anthony Weiner’s private parts and the pivot to investigate more (650,000) Clinton Emails. Wikileaks, per Putin’s help, exposed the Clinton Foundation’s “Pay to Play” fund-raising appeals to foreign leaders. Further, Julian Assange, Mr. Wikileaks, under lock and key at the Ecuadoran Embassy in London, focused on revealing relationship between Hilary and her Wall St. Bankers.

The Obama Justice Department filed the wrong charges or purposely blew the case against the Bundy Armed Take-Over of Federal property in Oregon and the subsequent vandalism. Bundy et al walk and white supremacists write ballads praising faux Cowboys.

Bernie wrote a letter to Obama asking for federal interventions in the North Dakota Pipeline deal. The police, supported by military equipment and the National Guard, under the direction of “your local sheriff” have attacked horses with ATVs and rubber bullets, strip searched the detainee-protectors, and beat down prayerful protesters with dogs, riot cops, and private contractors.

See Standing Rock Sioux stand tall in defense of water and sacred sites. While Obama’s Army Corps of Engineer is pro Oil and Gas and anti-Mother Earth, the D.C. press and pundits ignore Wars of Appropriation aimed at Native Americans in this new expression of Manifest Destiny.

Where is Obama?


Donald Trump, a registered sexual predator, may be coming to a White House (near your daughter). His Republican friends in the House and Senate have committed treason by interfering in Foreign Policy and refusing to do their Constitutional duty. The Supreme Court’s Catholic Chief Justice betrayed the Church and transformed a paper construct or corporation into a divine soul per the blood and body of Christ in Citizens United, his own Holy Tribute to Corporate America.

The World Series isn’t over yet and here’s the pleasure and the antidote to an otherwise disastrous political season, wherein we can divert our attention from the fascist and the elitist, who have divided the country into the “haves” and “have nots.”

As Walter Sobchak says about Bowling (and baseball) in The Big Lebowski: “This is not ‘Nam [politics]. This is bowling [baseball]. There are rules.”

“And that’s the way it is. The Dude Abides.”

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