Art at Bareiss: Opening the Doors of Perception

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29 July, 2016

IMG_4046BAREISS GALLERY, Saturday, July 30, 2016
Arrive at 5:00 PM to sign for your bidding number
, live auction begins at 6:00 PM

Three Taos artists have painterly cleansed the doors of perception.

The adventurous minds and aesthetic dimensions of Paco F. Parado, Kelly Pasholk, and Pascal, are influenced by reason and magic, math and myth, physics and psychology. The hand of an artist or nature’s dynamics are the origins of their paintings, objects, sculpture, and compositions, which can be interpreted, translated, and elucidated in new and renaissance ways.
 Their art work installation is meant to augment and magnify many different points of view. It shows how they look at the worlds and what mastery and beauty they discover within them.

The immersion in The Cube Art Auction is characterized by a multidimensional painterly narrative. It is a pleasurable sensation to let the imagination roam freely and to bid.


The Cube Art Auction opens up the  realms of beauty. It presents a look into an infinite space of art and brings to light new insights in our endless Many-Worlds Theater.


The game is called as the auctioneer navigates increasingly high leaps among the bidding and  leaps through the boundless flow of art, ideas, processes, and connections.

The key, as always, is beauty and the complementary idea of freedom.
15 NM Route 150 (Ski Valley Road)
Taos, New Mexico 87571

Unsold works also on view Sunday, July 31 thru Tuesday, August 2, 12:00-6:00

For more info contact Kelly Pasholk 575-770-0085

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